Today I can cross my legs

Posted on August 18, 2012

"Today I can cross my legs."

Let me back up. After I married my wife I started running. I ran 3 times a week working up to 12.5 miles per week. I was thrilled with the progress I made and loved running. In October, I began having knee pain walking up and down stairs, sitting down for long periods of time, and just going through day-to-day tasks. It was debilitating.

I took time off running and iced my knees regularly. By January I had enough. I got an X-ray and my doctor said everything looked good. I was referred to physical therapy where I completed about two months of rigorous exercises working my legs, hips, even core. I was fitted for orthotics (my feet are very flat) and was done in April. I had less knee pain, but it still didn't go away. I kept the exercises up, pushed a routine of icing and taking time off, but nothing worked completely.

My orthopedic doctor recommended a cortisone shot in both knees (now that was a big needle!). After 4 weeks I still had persistent knee pain. Mainly when being inactive. It seemed like the pain only was around when I would sit down and get up.

When I walked around Chicago on vacation I hardly had any noticeable pain. I made another appointment with my orthopedic doctor and he suggested a scope. The scope would allow him to see inside the knee and tell what could be wrong with the mechanics. I agreed to do it.

A couple weeks ago I received three tiny incisions around my knee so the doctor could remove a plica and perform a lateral release to fix my patellar tilt. The medicine field blows me away. With minimal surgery, I received numerous fixes for my knee mechanics. Not only that, but I was on crutches only 2 days. Then shortly bearing full weight. Then later walking up and down stairs one step at a time.

Today I can cross my legs.

I'm so grateful to God for His quick healing, the friends and family praying diligently for me, and the talent He has given the people in medicine to help me. I hope the pain ends here, but if it doesn't I know God is in control.