The Incident gets iCloud sync

Posted on December 10, 2011

'The Incident' gets iCloud Support
"The Incident" by Big Bucket Software

Big Bucket Software‘s "The Incident" received a wonderful iOS upgrade last week. The latest revision fixes some visual issues and, more importantly, adds iCloud support. With iCloud, your progress between the iPad and iPhone stays in sync. Complete "Mountains" on your iPhone and your iPad recognizes the progress.

Why iCloud sync is wonderful for games

I cannot brag about how great this is. I haven't bought numerous games for iPad because I don't want to replay all the same levels I've already completed on my iPhone. Now I can keep my progress in sync with a single account. Using iCloud is refreshing because I can avoid signing up for another proprietary account to sync information.

Go get this game

"The Incident" contains everything I love about video games. It's fun, simple, nostalgic, and rewarding. Everything from the charming music (by Cabel Sasser), wonderful programming (by Matt Comi), and the fantastic, 8-bit graphics (by Neven Mrgan) bring back all the wonderful gaming memories from my childhood.

Cabel Sasser performing the pause music from "The Incident". Watch on YouTube.