Blog update: Mobile-first and running Blocks

Posted on January 25, 2013

I recently pushed an update to my blog that includes a couple nice features:

1. Everything rewritten for "mobile first"

When I first made my blog responsive, I started with the largest view and worked my way down to tablet and mobile sizes. The problem with this approach is it punishes the mobile user. The mobile user has to load each media query and it can drastically increase bandwidth.

With the mobile first approach, you start with the mobile view and work outwards. This allows the mobile user to download the smallest amount of resources. Makes sense, right?

2. Moved from Tumblr to Blocks

Two things here. One, I was previously using Tumblr and I found this to be a bittersweet relationship. I didn't need to maintain everything, but I'm a developer. I want to maintain my blog. I want to push everything to the limit.

Two, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Blocks beta. The Pixel and Tonic crew have really outdone themselves. This is a CMS with some serious potential. It's hard to compare it to anything at this point because of that potential. It doesn't have the community to compete with ExpressionEngine (yet), but it follows the same methodology: assume nothing.

When you dive into the system you begin to notice some perks:

  1. Image-less: Blocks uses Pictos for a nice icon font
  2. Simple: Less clutter, but still has a personality.
  3. One-click Updates: Brilliant. Just brilliant.
  4. Entry/Page/Listing logic: This is tricky to explain. When you create a content type you can specify the URL structure and template to be used for each entry. Think of Structure here, EE folks.
  5. More baked-in goodies: Other little things like changing "Title" to something custom, the CMS built using Twig, and loads more

Get ready to love Blocks. And thank the Pixel and Tonic crew for supporting their paid, free, and upcoming tools.

Update: And be prepared for a wonderful built-in support feature. The support team and the requester are going to see a huge benefit from this!

Support in Blocks, the new CMS from Pixel and Tonic
Support in Blocks, the new CMS from Pixel and Tonic