December 31, 2019

Best of 2019

Note: This was originally a Twitter thread, but I wanted to bring it into the fold of a true blog post.

With 2019 wrapping up I wanted to do some kind of best-of blog post, but I thought keeping it simple would be better.

So, here’s a quick series of my 2019 favorites:

  • Movie
  • TV Show
  • Album

Movie: Annihilation

Cover from the movie Annihilation

I tried to up my movie watching this year—with help from Letterboxd!—and I heard about this movie from some folks.

This was by far my favorite movie of the year. The visuals were great, the sound/music was fantastic and the ending blew me away.

TV Show: Chernobyl

Promo from the series Chernobyl

This series was both parts captivating and harrowing.

The acting by Jared Harris is terrific and the producers did a great job showing the effects the Chernobyl disaster has on the Russian people, the government and the rest of the world.

Music: I’ll Explain Later by Hotel Apache

Cover from the album I'll Explain Later

There wasn’t an album I listened to more than this one. I really enjoy the kind of pop music Hotel Apache makes and this album kept me wanting more of it.

The song “1985” just feels like summer to me.