Beanstalk Mac application mockup

Posted on November 29, 2011

I often like to dabble in Photoshop with no goal in mind. It is interesting to see where the mind goes and what develops. I spent this afternoon messing around and decided to mockup a Beanstalk Mac application/menulet in the vein of Twitter, Github, Sparrow, and other similarly designed apps.

Mockup of a Beanstalk Mac application/menulet
A just-for-fun mockup of a Beanstalk Mac application/menulet

Beanstalk is a great service with a wonderful web interface. While there is nothing wrong with the interface, I find applications like these a bit more convenient because I can keep it in my menu bar and invoke it with a single click in any of my Spaces. It would be convenient to create, edit, deploy, and manage all my repositories from the application.

Just saying, Beanstalk. Just saying.

Update: Just posted a Dribbble shot of the mockup